Best Home Manicure | Impress Press on Nails Review and Tips for Wear

This past weekend my beige nail polish had literally had it. It was #over, too through, DONE. It was chipped excessively and needed to be redone, but I didn’t feel like repainting my nails and I had also broken a nail way past its’ tip and it was bugging me, so I decided to go with  imPRESS press on nails. I knew it would be a quick manicure with no drying time involved (perfect!) The last two times I’ve painted my nails I ended up messing up at least one, two, or three nails and was over it. So imPRESS press-on’s it was.


I really got into the imPRESS press on’s about a year ago when one of my fav’ beauty Youtubers, beautyybird posted a video reviewing and applying them, as seen below.

Now, tell me that tutorial doesn’t make you want to go buy about ten packs of these nails lol, which is pretty much exactly what I did!

So here’s the run down on the nails. They use a “revolutionary safehold adhesive technology” to stick to your natural nails and claim to be “2x longer lasting when compared to other press-on nails” and “the only waterproof nails”. They’re basically like a sticker—you just peel off a clear backing and apply them to your clean and dry nails, which makes the process super quick and easy. I can’t say whether or not they last 2x longer than other nails because these are the only brand of press-on’s I’ve tried. I usually can wear these approximately 5 days before any begin to come off, which I think is excellent because I’m the mom of a toddler, so I really put these nails through the ringer with all the hand washing, cleaning, and baths I have to do #alldayeveryday. These nails definitely are waterproof and also withstand hot showers and hot water, in general. They also claim to be the “most flexible and comfortable nail ever” and they really are flexible and comfortable to where you forget you even have them on.


As you can see, the nails don’t look completely “salon perfect”, especially now since my nails have grown some and the nails aren’t as close to the cuticle (in these photos, I’ve had them on for three days), but every time I wear these I always get compliments from people that are seeing them pretty up close or people asking me “where I got my nails done”.


These nails are perfect if you’re like me—just needing a break from doing your own manicures and over having to repaint nails every. single. time. from somehow messing them up immediately after polishing them, or you don’t have the time or dividends to dish out on acrylics, or you just want a manicured look for just a short period of time.

To extend the wear of these nails, this time I decided to try them with a base coat, so I went with one by essence and there was a noticeable difference immediately. I literally felt like they were adhered even better than usual and that the wear time would be increased. I’ll come back and let you know how long my wear time ends up being with the base coat, as well.


These nails come in different lengths and in other solid colors, as well as fun and flirty designs.


The nails I have on are called So-So Stellar and are the perfect nude/neutral shade. A few tips for having them look more natural or as if you actually got them at the salon are below:

  • when choosing your nail size, if you have to choose from too big or too small go with the smaller nail
  • gently push your cuticles back and apply the nail as close as possible to the cuticle to give the illusion that the nail is growing from your cuticle
  • file/ shape the sides and top of your nails so they are less visible with the applied nails on
  • file the tab off each nail
  • if a nail does come off, just glue it back on with a brush on nail glue or apply one of the many extra nails that are included


The down side to these nails is that yes, they can have a “fake” or obvious press on nail look once your nails begin to grow out, sometimes hair can get stuck in between your natural nail and the press on (particularly when running your fingers through you hair), and dirt and other debris can get stuck in the adhesion (I’ve found that floss picks work perfectly to clean between your natural nail and the press on’s), but these are all things I can live with for a quick and effortless mani’.

In the comments let me know your favorite press on nails and your experience with the imPRESS press on nails, if you’ve tried them before!  You can buy them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Riteaid, and CVS Pharmacy.


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