Ten Budget- Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Busy Mom

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner and if you plan on purchasing the busy mom in your life a gift, but are stumped on what to buy, here are a few ideas.


Okay, so this may be one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but it never gets old. I’ve never regretted my husband buying me flowers—EVER. Flowers are always such a thoughtful gift. They add life, color, and beauty to any space. Be sure to include a personalized message and have them delivered for a special touch.

The Happy Planner

This planner is a gift for the busy mom that likes to keep her life organized and well-planned. I just received my first one February 1st and have been obsessing over it ever since. The name is so fitting, it truly makes planning and organizing your months, weeks, and days a joy with it’s inspirational quotes and vibrant colors throughout. You may be able to get your hands on the current planners at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (new planner designs will be released in March). If not, you can purchase them online here or through Amazon.



So many options to choose from here. A contemporary watch, beautiful earrings, an updated wedding band or personalized necklace, bracelet, or whatever you feel the busy mom in your life would love and appreciate most. TJ Maxx always has unique pieces or you can always check with your local mall or online. If you’re looking for unique and personalized pieces, Etsy is a great site to check, as well.

A Gift Card to Her Favorite Store 

I. LOVE. GIFT CARDS. Nothing like getting to spend time browsing through your favorite items in your favorite store for a couple of hours. And what’s even better is the opportunity to go browse your favorite items in your favorite store alone or with a friend, so be sure to offer to keep the kids while she goes shopping. Have you seen this video of what it’s like for us Target-loving moms to get an opportunity to go shopping by ourselves? If not, go ahead and click that play button!

Stress Relief Bath Products

After a busy day, a mom’s gotta get her relaxation on. What better way to relax than with a nice bath and some awesome stress relief bath products? You can find these types of bath products everywhere from Bath and Body Works to Target to Walmart and online. I’m currently LOVING the Dr. Teal’s brand of relaxation and stress relief bath products. I know Walmart and Amazon carry this specific brand. Below are my current favorites by this brand.


epsom salt

Adult Coloring Books and Pens

Adult coloring books are literally all the rave now and as a former Recreational Therapist, I totally get it. Recreation and leisure activities are so therapeutic and rehabilitative. In my years working with a variety of patients, I have seen and utilized the healing and calming nature of even the most simple activities. With today’s social media and technology immersed nature, it’s so refreshing to escape and submerge oneself in the simplicity of coloring. Adult Coloring books can be purchased online and in your local arts and crafts stores, as well as Target. Don’t forget to purchase gel pens or fine-tip markers to complete this gift.


And my absolute fav’…


Comfortable (but Cute) Everyday Shoes

Sperry Top-Siders are my shoe of choice for daily wear and in spring and summer I also love wearing cute flats. For us busy moms, comfort is KEY for a daily shoe, so be sure to find something with cushion and arch support in a neutral color, such as a tan, nude, or gray for more versatility. Belk always has a good variety of shoes to choose from and is one of my favorite locations to check for new shoes.

An Individual or Family Photo Shoot

Sometimes us moms can get so busy that we forget to take time out to just cherish and capture moments in time of just ourselves or with our families by a professional. If you haven’t before, I can tell you as both a photographer and paying client that it is such a joy to be able to decorate the walls and surfaces of your home with pictures of yourself and closest loved ones and is so worth the investment. To set up a session with a professional photographer, look online for local photographers, check a discount site such as Living Social ,or ask friends for a good referral.

Zipper Pouches

I use cute zipper pouches for everything from planner supplies to purse organization for all those little things that seem to get lost in the bottomless pit of my over sized bags. TJ Maxx has some of the cutest ones around when you can catch them in stock and Apple White , an Etsy shop also seriously has some of the cutest ones I have ever seen.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

I’m that mom whose phone is literally always dying while I’m out and about due to me either forgetting to charge it and/ or the countless episodes of Daniel Tiger played for my toddler. Either way, my hubby recognized the need for me to be able to charge my phone when I’m away from home, so he purchased me one for Christmas and it has seriously been a life saver. Both TJ Maxx and Target carry inexpensive ones that come in a multitude of colors.

Hope you enjoyed these affordable gift ideas for that busy mom, wife, or friend of yours for Valentine’s Day. What gift will you be buying for her this holiday?


***Affiliate Disclosure: Amazon links and click-throughs in this blog post are affiliate links to products I genuinely love and recommend through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

***Header Image Photo Credit: Love is in your future… via photopin (license)


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