Three Questions to ask Yourself When Writing Goals

How are you doing so far this year in making progress towards goals you’ve created for you and your family? Hopefully you’re making strides and progress towards meeting those goals. However, if you’ve already found yourself overwhelmed or flat out stuck in the process, then take the time to ask yourself these three questions about the goals you’ve outlined for yourself.

Are my goals realistic… for ME?

You know yourself better than anyone else. Basing your goals off of what you’ve seen your best friend, a co-worker, or acquaintance achieve will not help you write realistic or achievable goals. It may not be realistic that you’ll be able to keep your home a complete clutter-free zone seven days of the week, however four out of the seven may be completely doable.

Are my goals specific?

A goal “to be a better mom” is a wonderful thought, however in order to make this an achievable goal, we have to get much more specific. What are the detailed and specific actions you need to work on to make you that better mom you know you want to be? Will having a better attitude, having more “me” time, or less yelling help towards the goal of making you a better mom? Get detailed and specific in your goal writing.

Are my goals measurable? 

Good goals are also measurable. You’ll never truly know if you’ve met your goal if it’s not measurable. Frequency, time of day, time frame, and length of time are all items to include in your goals to make them measurable. So, for example if you’d like to get up earlier each morning as a goal, be sure to include the number of days of the week you’d like to get up and the specific time.

I, like many moms, have a goal of losing my extra baby weight this year. So to revise this pretty generic goal into one that is realistic, specific, and measurable, I could say my goal is the following:

To lose ten pounds by July 1st by doing dance aerobics and weight lifting, three times per week.

This goal is realistic FOR ME. While someone else may be able to lose the weight quicker, I know I have a horrible habit of late snacking due to late nights with my son, so I want to be patient and give myself a little grace and wiggle room for losing the weight. Next, my goal is specific. I stated exactly what methods I’ll be primarily using to shed my baby weight (dance aerobics and weight lifting) and finally, my goal is measurable. Both the amount of weight I want to lose and the frequency of exercise per week are measurable characteristics of my goal.

What goals are you having a hard time achieving? Make sure it’s not simply due to your goals being poorly written. Ask yourself if those goals are realistic, specific, and measurable. If not, take time to revise them so that they are and you can be one step closer to conquering your list of goals.



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