Hello, New Year!

Ahh, good ol’ 2015—you’ve been a year of grace, yet a year of struggle. A year of stillness and yet a year of transition (quite literally for me—I’m a naturalista and completed my transition from thin and frail relaxed hair to full and healthy hair this year. Go me!) A year of abundance, but still a year of lack. Seemingly, a year of oxymorons. With that said, we welcome you with open arms, 2016!

I truly believe this year will be one of forwardness, realized potential, rejuvenation, restoration, abundance, and success. Truly a year of new beginnings. So there, I said it, wrote it, and now wait for it to manifest. I was recently reminded of the importance of this by a good friend, Joyce, who did a simple but meaningful lesson on “writing the vision and making it plain” as referenced in Habakkuk 2:2. There is such power in our words and I need to be reminded of this daily. What are your expectations for the year and what are you speaking into 2016?


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